Yellow Paste-up

My recent work has opened up a new perspective for me through my attempts to present photography in public spaces. My aim is to incorporate the genre of photography into the traditional understanding of street art, and to raise issues surrounding the female body, its public perception and respect through various analogue breast prints and …

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Blue Paste-up

In the second phase of experimenting with breast prints, I made cyanotypes. The alternative photographic process involves the illumination by UV light of a negative on paper treated with different photochemical compounds. The three different impression experiments produced three different results in this series. Locations worldwide: Jerma, Sliema, White Rocks, Mellieha Bay, Hotel Festaval and …

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Mamiya family

My work is typically personally inspired, often experimenting with different materials, pushing the boundaries of photography, but always using it as a basic techniqe. This series was made with the involvement of my close family members, through the intervention of my parents, sister and grandmother, I tried to place myself in the structure of our …

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Red dot for home

The red dots show the exact locations of my most painful memories in my first and only real home, in Mohács. So what is home? And what are the red dots for?

Šokica sam

In my diploma project, I am researching my family roots and heritage. I am trying to position myself in this still living but disappearing condition by identifying with the Croatian nationality elements of the community and the Danube environment of my home.

Status nascendi

Inspired by femininity, the lifelong change of the female body and soul, the series draws parallels between the theme and the constant transformation of nature through plant pigment prints. The series has provided me with an excellent opportunity to experiment with different alternative photographic techniques such as chlorophyll printing.


I am also actively engaged in the experience of my own body and femininity, as well as its perception as an individual and a society. In this series, I am exploring these issues through specific hand-folded nude photographs.

Direction of progress

In this series, I explore the possibilities of pathfinding, growing up, family, relationships, individual and social, as a movement, a way forward. Where do we go in life? Where are we guided and directed in our movement by different people we live with or meet new? To what extent can we ourselves influence this phenomenon?

To the Moon and back

This project is the short summary of my Photobook titled ’To the Moon and back’, which based on a personal (love)story. The photobook represents five days from my summer in 2016, coinciding randomly with the time of the days of Moon Landing and Return (20-24 July in1969). Because of this coincidence I took the paralell …

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Shapes of κύκλος

In this series, I continue to explore the variations in the formation of male-female togetherness. Here, the imagined perfect harmony is represented by the union of the two halves of the circle. But the question always arises: what drives the two halves of the circle, how can two people come together as one?

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